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Anna has always been a planner at heart whether she was organizing family gatherings or planning personal trips around the world! She found her passion and enthusiasm for event planning early on and is now an accomplished event production and management professional with over a decade of experience. 

Anna’s unique background aides in her successful career. She studied abroad in Italy and it sparked the travel bug within as she has traveled to 35 countries and counting! Traveling not only allows her to experience new cultures, try new foods, meet new people, and live outside of her comfort zone, it brings new perspectives and ideas to her career. Her understanding of different views and cultures, help her in maximizing the success of her clients’ events. 

She also began a journey with yoga 10 years ago to help manage a work-life balance. This was “simply exercise” until she finally understood the true connection between mind, body, and soul after attending a retreat in Bali. This discovery lead to a deeper connection after being introduced to meditation and attending the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh India. Since then, she has been on a quest to seek and learn all things wellness-related and understand different modalities of energy and natural healing. Having always been a believer in natural medicine and healthy eating, she realized her true passion was in the health and wellness space.

Through various synchronicities and divine moments, Anna made a conscious decision to combine her career strengths with her soul’s passions by starting Synchronistic Life: Consciously Curated Events & Retreats.  Having attended numerous wellness retreats and working in the corporate event space, she has fine-tuned her clients' experiences and truly has a profound impact on their lives by nourishing their mind, body, and soul. She partners with various teachers, practitioners, corporate groups, and individuals looking to host wellness events and retreats. She is truly passionate about her clients and that love shines through her positivity and dedication to help elevate

each one of them on their unique journey to be their best and most authentic self.

When Anna is not working on client events & retreats, you can find her focusing on all things wellness. This includes: daily green smoothies with fresh greens from the local farmer’s market, weekly pilates, various modalities of deep energy healing, globetrotting, attending wellness retreats, unplugging and connecting to nature, and most importantly listening to her body and knowing when she needs to stop, rest, and recover by taking some alone time to JUST BE!

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